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How much will it cost to get my business logo embroidered on some shirts I have?

Do we even accept customer-supplied items? Yes, but first, we need to get this disclaimer out of the way.

We gladly accept most customer-supplied garments and we will treat them with the utmost care but we are not responsible for accidental damage to said garments.

No time to read through the long answer? Here is the short answer:

  • Left or Right Chest logos = $45 (one-time setup fee)
  • Our average left or right chest embroidery fee = $12 - $16 * per item
  • Full Back Logo = $75 ** (one-time setup fee)
  • Full back logo embroidery fee = Price varies (these can get expensive)
If you do have some time, let's talk about this in more detail:
  • Do you have the artwork file for your logo? Meaning, do you have a picture file ending with an extension of jpg, .png, or some other picture format file? We will need this for the conversion (setup).
  • Next, we need to convert your picture to a format that embroidery machines understand. For this process, there is a one-time setup fee which is based on the general size range of your converted artwork. If you are getting a left or right chest logo, the fee will be $45. This is based on a typical size range of 2.5" - 4.5" width and height. If you need a full back or full front logo, the usual fee will be $75. This is based on a typical size range of 7" - 12" width and height.
  • Now, let's get to the price per item for the embroidery. That's what you really want to know, right? Well, we still cannot accurately answer this question until the artwork is converted. However, we can give you our average cost range. For a left or right chest logo, the cost is usually between $12 - $25 with most coming in around $12 - $16. The cost really depends on the complexity of your design which translates to the number of stitches to be embroidered. Keep in mind that this is the average cost per item to be embroidered.
  • Shipping - Do we need to ship the embroidered items to you upon completion? If so, there will be a shipping charge.

* Just to clarify, based on the majority of logos we are asked to embroider, the average price we charge for a left or right chest logo is $12 - $16 per item to embroider.

** Our fee for a full-back logo typically runs $75. If there is some unexpected or unknown additional detail work that must be done, this fee could be higher.