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About Us




After the passing of my mother-in-law I was given one of her handkerchiefs. It wasn't anything fancy but it was hers and now it was mine to remember her by. I keep it with me all the time and in return I feel comforted by the memory of this wonderful woman who held a special place in my heart.

More recently I wanted to get something special for a friend grieving the loss of her mother and thought of my own handkerchief. That led to an Internet search for personalized sympathy handkerchiefs. I was surprised at the time by the lack of sites selling embroidered handkerchiefs but I eventually found a site where I could purchase some screen printed options.

Although these were not embroidered, they still offered a very special sentiment. It's hard to explain but at that moment I realized what I was meant to do next.

Of course not every occasion involves sympathy. There are many happy occasions when a personalized handkerchief would be most appreciated and we hope to create many special memories for all occasions.