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Animals With Washable Skins

Welcome to your ultimate destination for personalized embroidered stuffed animals. Explore our collection of adorable companions, each one lovingly crafted with intricate embroidery to make them truly unique. 

At Poole's Embroidrey, LLC, we believe in creating lasting memories through personalized gifts. Our embroidered stuffed animals offer a delightful way to celebrate special occasions, from birthdays and baby showers to graduations and weddings. Choose from a variety of animals and customize them with the recipient's name, monogram, birth stats, wedding or sympathy sentiment, or a heartfelt message.

One of the standout features of our stuffed animals is their practicality. The zippers on the bottom make it effortless to remove the stuffing pods, giving you the freedom to wash the skins whenever needed. This ensures that your beloved companion stays clean and fresh, ready to provide comfort and companionship for years to come.