The Big Website Reveal

Posted by Mikal Poole on

I wrote this blog Monday but forgot to make it visible. I am continuing to update the new website with our inventory and options. Remember, if you don't see something on the site, we can special order for your upcoming project.

Well, today's the day (actually Monday was the day...). I really wanted to remove the password to our new online store by the end of Mother's Day but it just didn't happen and now I have a project that really shouldn't be difficult but the smallest little design flaw temporarily created a huge problem. That's why you need high quality digitized embroidery designs. So, when I'm not working on this project, I'll be working on the website.

There's a lot to creating your own website even if you are using tools like Shopify to set it up. Although I am still tweaking and adding to the site, I want to release what we have so far and I would love to hear feedback on how the site looks and behaves. 


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