Productivity During A Pandemic

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 Are you looking for something to to show off your products to your customers, like an electronic portfolio? Apple iPads have really come down in price lately and an iPad is a great tool for taking photos as well as sharing them with your prospective clients. It also provides the added bonus of video chat if you are not able to meet in person. You can easily show your customers product options through video chats in Facebook Messenger or Facetime. Here are some of my favorites to get you started. Check out current deals on Amazon.

For the 10.2" model iPad, I recommend getting the 128GB option vs. the 32GB but if price is an issue, you can save over $100 by getting the 32GB option bringing the price down to $279 at the time of this writing.

Getting an iPad with the cellular option bumps up the initial price plus you pay monthly service charges to your wireless company. If you have the option to use your phone as a hotspot on the occasion that you need wifi on your iPad, that would be more economical.

If you are going to get an iPad, you definitely want to protect it with a good case. Otterbox Defender is my favorite but it makes the iPad quite heavy. However, if you tend to be clumsy, the Otterbox is the way to go.

Otherwise something like the FYY New iPad cover is a great choice and even has a pencil holder for the Apple Pencil. The case's exterior features premium genuine cowhide leather and the interior is soft cloth making this durable case easy to grip and doesn't add much weight overall.

If you type a lot, you may want to check out the compatible full-size smart keyboard because tapping on a screen for hours is no fun when you need to type a long document.  That's when you may want to look at adding the compatible full-size smart keyboard which also can act like a light weight cover. The smart keyboard offers an easy connection without the need for pairing or charging

For creative folks and those who prefer writing, the Apple Pencil is a nice accessory. It's very responsive and features natural fluidity of traditional writing instruments.

Bottom line: An iPad can be a great tool to help you stay productive especially during these times when many of us are stuck at home during a pandemic and because Apple is offering models that are more affordable, now might be a good time to make that investment. 


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